Dear Future Hubby – Letter 3

Eru Iyawo Darling, I am sure you are aware of the African culture that demands that the bridegroom present some items to the bride as part of the wedding customs. These items are usually displayed at the traditional wedding. In Yoruba culture, it is called Eru Iyawo. Yorubas are not particular about bride-price because they believe their daughter is not an item to be purchased. They return the bride-price and divert attention to the items the bridegroom’s family is meant to present. Why this history lesson, you think? Simple, I want us to change history together. Some of the items … Continue reading Dear Future Hubby – Letter 3

Rollercoaster – Episode 3

Freedom! I am yet to find an appropriate word to describe the freedom that moving into the hostel afforded me; I don’t even know what to compare it to. The taste of freedom was heady and intoxicating, a powerful aphrodisiac that I could never adjust to. You probably think I’m exaggerating; after all, it wasn’t as if I had been in a prison for years and was just joining the outside world again. I imagine that kind of freedom would be easier to understand. But really, I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and however I wanted. Let … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 3

Sights – Episode 3

SIGHTS 3-Homeward Bound I really tried to be sensitive but it was downright impossible to keep my excitement to myself. I was going home, finally. Dad was keeping his promise to me even though he wasn’t here to witness it. I sneaked a look at Sharon who had kept to herself ever since we boarded the plane. I could feel her unhappiness as if it was a palpable thing; we are twins after all and we have the ability of sensing our emotions and thoughts. It was uncomfortable at times, especially when she is thinking of that stupid boy she … Continue reading Sights – Episode 3

Dear Future Hubby – Letter 2 Cont’d

Proposal …continued from the previous episode I have made it easy for you. I have painted my favourite scenario in my friends’ minds so all you need to do if you get stuck is approach one of my friends and they will put you through. Do not worry about me, I will definitely act surprised, after all, I will not know the exact day you choose. I won’t even accuse you of not being original. It is my idea and I will gladly give it up for you. After all, when we are married, what is mine is yours and … Continue reading Dear Future Hubby – Letter 2 Cont’d

Rollercoaster- Episode 2 Cont’d

Moving in   …continued from the previous episode I smiled back as I inwardly reminded God of all my requests for nice roommates which started incessantly when I heard some horror roommate stories. I didn’t know the appropriate reply to her witty comment so I kept the fake smile on for a few more minutes before turning back to my unpacking. I learnt that Tito was also a student of English although she was in 200 Level. She had come in through diploma. I would later find out we were age mates, so much for thinking I was young to … Continue reading Rollercoaster- Episode 2 Cont’d

Sights – Episode 2 Cont’d

…continued from the previous episode ‘Come on, mum’. ‘Showing evidence one’, she said and started lifting her dress. ‘Okay, okay’, I said and stood up, dragging her up with me, ‘Can I have everyone’s attention please? This woman standing beside me is my biological mother and I love her so much. Don’t be deceived by her looks, she is a crazy one’. There was a smattering of laughter, chuckles and smiles in the café and mum poked me in the ribs as we sat down. ‘What? I did what you asked’. ‘We didn’t agree on the aside. You don’t know … Continue reading Sights – Episode 2 Cont’d


My sincere apologies for my long absence, it was due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m back now and I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you. First, check out the new episode of Sights that I just published and feel free to go through the posts again to refresh your memory. Second, you can contact me via our new email address, especially for ladies who would love to share their letters to their future hubby. Guys, don’t feel left out, you can also share a letter to your future wifey and I will … Continue reading Patterns