Sights – Episode 4

4- Loss There was so much blood. That was the first thing my fuzzy brain registered even as I struggled to be fully conscious. I couldn’t see the blood but I could sense it strongly and the smell permeated the air. Why was I in a place where there was so much blood? Who am I? Why was I finding it difficult to wake up and why did I feel as though my body was pinned to the ground? I tried to move my hand and the pain hit me in dizzying waves. I cried out in anguish as that … Continue reading Sights – Episode 4

Sights – Episode 3 Cont’d

  …continued from the previous episode I wasn’t interested in stealing Sharon’s spotlight or avenging all the years she had pretended as if I didn’t exist but I wasn’t going to let her take away the one thing that truly mattered to me or diminish its importance. I had even tried to please her when she almost convinced me that we would be a burden to Chioma. I had gone along with the custody plan but that had failed and I would never forget the hurt in Chioma’s eyes when I told her I supported Sharon. We had a long … Continue reading Sights – Episode 3 Cont’d

Sights – Episode 3

SIGHTS 3-Homeward Bound I really tried to be sensitive but it was downright impossible to keep my excitement to myself. I was going home, finally. Dad was keeping his promise to me even though he wasn’t here to witness it. I sneaked a look at Sharon who had kept to herself ever since we boarded the plane. I could feel her unhappiness as if it was a palpable thing; we are twins after all and we have the ability of sensing our emotions and thoughts. It was uncomfortable at times, especially when she is thinking of that stupid boy she … Continue reading Sights – Episode 3

Sights – Episode 2 Cont’d

…continued from the previous episode ‘Come on, mum’. ‘Showing evidence one’, she said and started lifting her dress. ‘Okay, okay’, I said and stood up, dragging her up with me, ‘Can I have everyone’s attention please? This woman standing beside me is my biological mother and I love her so much. Don’t be deceived by her looks, she is a crazy one’. There was a smattering of laughter, chuckles and smiles in the café and mum poked me in the ribs as we sat down. ‘What? I did what you asked’. ‘We didn’t agree on the aside. You don’t know … Continue reading Sights – Episode 2 Cont’d

Sights – Episode 1

SIGHTS One- The Announcement I stared at Chioma as if she had suddenly grown another set of ears or maybe that mouth of hers that had been running non-stop for the past ten minutes was tumour ravaged. But she seemed perfectly all right as she waited for our reaction to her announcement. ‘No fucking way!’ I screamed and was momentarily satisfied when she blanched at my foul language. ‘Don’t speak to her in that manner’, Vince the vermin warned. ‘Or what? You are gonna beat me up?’ ‘There is nothing I can do about it. The arrangements have already been … Continue reading Sights – Episode 1