Rollercoaster – Episode 4

Virgin Vibes ‘You are a virgin?’ Three pairs of eyes fastened on me with horror evident in their gazes. I cannot explain how a conversation that had been going so well suddenly turned around or maybe I can. Tito had seen me with yet another romance novel and we had debated for a while on favourite authors. It turned out I knew more authors than she did and she admitted that I was the novel expert. ‘I’m sure with the number of novels Yetty reads; she will be sooo bad in bed’. That was Gold, who hadn’t raped me, yet. … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 4

Rollercoaster – Episode 3 Cont’d

…continued from the previous episode My second night in school, I indulged in aimless walking which would soon become a favourite habit. With Miriam in tow, we set out around seven pm and toured every delicious inch of our new environment. The grounds of Unilag are magnificent at night, light contrasts with darkness and the dark areas were famous for the acts they covered up seamlessly. I think the added thrill of knowing there was a lighted area close by added to the fun of the act in the dark areas. You know that saying that the sense of imminent … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 3 Cont’d

Rollercoaster – Episode 3

Freedom! I am yet to find an appropriate word to describe the freedom that moving into the hostel afforded me; I don’t even know what to compare it to. The taste of freedom was heady and intoxicating, a powerful aphrodisiac that I could never adjust to. You probably think I’m exaggerating; after all, it wasn’t as if I had been in a prison for years and was just joining the outside world again. I imagine that kind of freedom would be easier to understand. But really, I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and however I wanted. Let … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 3

Rollercoaster- Episode 2 Cont’d

Moving in   …continued from the previous episode I smiled back as I inwardly reminded God of all my requests for nice roommates which started incessantly when I heard some horror roommate stories. I didn’t know the appropriate reply to her witty comment so I kept the fake smile on for a few more minutes before turning back to my unpacking. I learnt that Tito was also a student of English although she was in 200 Level. She had come in through diploma. I would later find out we were age mates, so much for thinking I was young to … Continue reading Rollercoaster- Episode 2 Cont’d

Rollercoaster- Episode 2

Moving In The very first thing that hit me about Makama Bida Hall was the smell. It wasn’t stinking outright because it has just been renovated but there was this discomfiting smell for a hall that housed few students for now; others were yet to move in. my room was U106, on the first level and my first day in the hostel, I was accompanied by family members. I was the first person to go to a higher institution in the family. My elder brother got admitted into a polytechnic at Ilorin the same year but that pales in significance. … Continue reading Rollercoaster- Episode 2

Rollercoaster- Episode 1

Roller-coaster The diary of an average girl   Discovery       It suddenly hit me that Monday morning, that kind of full-force, breath-leaving-your-lungs, stop-dead-in-your-tracks hitting. I was an average girl! It wasn’t something I had thought of before and I waited for the disappointment to come. I saw a book once, ‘An Enemy Called Average’ so I felt sure that my being an average girl wasn’t something I should celebrate. I continued walking, more slowly now, as I contemplated why I would consider myself an average girl. So, I started making a list mentally. I am averagely intelligent, I … Continue reading Rollercoaster- Episode 1