Hello Y’allI

Happy New Year folks. Yes, I know I left you hanging concerning your favourite characters. I’m sorry about that. It’s due to circumstances beyond my control. My laptop has been MIA for a while now. Check out ‘Home’, my first piece of the year. However, i will be publishing some of my old pieces that i stumbled on pending when my laptop can be active again. I have missed you all. Thanks for your love and unwavering support. Advertisements Continue reading Hello Y’allI


My sincere apologies for my long absence, it was due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m back now and I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you. First, check out the new episode of Sights that I just published and feel free to go through the posts again to refresh your memory. Second, you can contact me via our new email address lizalengr@gmail.com, especially for ladies who would love to share their letters to their future hubby. Guys, don’t feel left out, you can also share a letter to your future wifey and I will … Continue reading Patterns

Quick Tips

Okay, here is what to expect on my blog. I have created three series and an episode of each will be uploaded weekly. There will also be short stories, thoughts and so many other interesting aspects so watch out. Sights is the story of twin sisters who find that their lives are about to take an unexpected turn and they are not sure the changes will suit them. I hope you enjoy reading about Sharon and Sheila as much as I enjoyed creating them. Warning: it is purely fictional. Rollercoaster is the story of me, yeah, you got that right, … Continue reading Quick Tips

Hello world!

Welcome one, welcome all! so, i finally took the bold step and started my blog. I will be the first person to admit that it is a few years late but hey, better late than never, right? I hope it is okay to start by acknowledging the person that gifted me with this ability, there would be no need to start a blog otherwise so here is saying Thank You God. I would like to appreciate everyone that believed that my writing was good enough to share with the world even when I had doubts. y’all know yourself, plenty kisses. … Continue reading Hello world!