Rollercoaster – Episode 4

Virgin Vibes


‘You are a virgin?’

Three pairs of eyes fastened on me with horror evident in their gazes. I cannot explain how a conversation that had been going so well suddenly turned around or maybe I can.

Tito had seen me with yet another romance novel and we had debated for a while on favourite authors. It turned out I knew more authors than she did and she admitted that I was the novel expert.

‘I’m sure with the number of novels Yetty reads; she will be sooo bad in bed’.

That was Gold, who hadn’t raped me, yet. But if she continues making such comments, I will have no choice but to include fasting to my prayer sessions. I wisely refrained from commenting but they had apparently seized on a favourite topic and the three girls continued. I turned to my novel, hoping to be left out but I wasn’t so lucky.

‘And she looks so quiet; you wouldn’t know she is an expert on such matters.’

‘The quiet ones are always the best because you won’t expect it of them’.

‘I am very sure she gives her boyfriends the shock of their lives’.

They laughed and I gulped, suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Boyfriends? Plural?

‘Come on, share your sexual exploits with us now.’

‘There is nothing to share really.’

‘Please now, we want to learn from you.’

‘Girls, you are embarrassing her na.’

Gold may have been a lesbian but I could kiss her in gratitude right now.

‘Just tell us what your favourite sexual position is.’

So much for gratitude, I should have known Gold wasn’t going to give up so easily. I said a quick goodbye to my five minutes of fame before I faced them, quite bravely I should add and burst their bubble. They laughed when I told them I had never had sex before. I shrugged and turned back to my book.

‘Just say you don’t wanna share with us and we will understand. You don’t have to make a joke of it.’

‘Maybe she means she hasn’t had kinky sex before.’

That was Tito, whose mouth competed with her boobs for largesse. I was thankful I wasn’t a white girl because I am sure my face would be a ridiculous shade of pink.

‘Tell us now, we won’t tell anyone.’

‘I haven’t had any form of sex before. I am a virgin.’


to be continued


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