Rollercoaster- Episode 2 Cont’d

Moving in



continued from the previous episode

I smiled back as I inwardly reminded God of all my requests for nice roommates which started incessantly when I heard some horror roommate stories.

I didn’t know the appropriate reply to her witty comment so I kept the fake smile on for a few more minutes before turning back to my unpacking. I learnt that Tito was also a student of English although she was in 200 Level. She had come in through diploma. I would later find out we were age mates, so much for thinking I was young to be a fresher at seventeen.

I left the room after attempting to make small talk and went to my friend’s room. Miriam was my only friend in Unilag since I got admission and we had gotten pretty close over the past month. I met her roommates who seemed nice and she followed me back to my room to examine my roommates and bolster my confidence while I finished unpacking. Miriam and I went back to her room and we traded thoughts on my roommates. She predicted that my room would be a very interesting one judging by the presence of Tito and Gold.

Miriam had brought home-cooked meals so dinner was settled. I was more comfortable in her room than mine after all, she was familiar territory and the food was with her. Being in Miriam’s room was good for my rapidly disappearing self-esteem as her clothes were few and she admired my large number of clothes, never mind that it is a classic case of quality versus quantity.

‘Are you going to hide in your friend’s room all the time?’

I’m sure you already know who that was.

‘No. I am just gisting with her and keeping her company and she is…’

‘You don’t have to explain, I was just pulling your legs’, she said and laughed, showing off her white, beautifully spaced teeth.

I felt like a fool, I was trying too hard to be nice but I just wanted them to like me. Realizing I was an average girl had made me clamour for people’s approval.

Gold approached me then and asked if I had a squatter or was planning to have one. My negative answer propelled her to ask me for a really huge favour. She wanted me to squat her cousin who had nowhere to stay. Of course, I said yes. She had to like me if she was indebted to me, right? And the profuse gratitude of both her and her cousin made me feel like an amazing person. How many people could accept a complete stranger? I was a very rare breed of average, apparently.

Needless to say, my first night in the room wasn’t comfortable as I had to share the narrow bed with Dara, Gold’s cousin. I was afraid to stretch as we were on the top bunk and I was scared she would fall on the floor and die. The discomfort didn’t matter much as that feeling that I had just saved the world stayed with me.

Little did I know I would regret my decision to be superhero in the days to come. No wonder they aren’t many popular female superheroes.


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