Dear Future Hubby – Letter 2 Cont’d



continued from the previous episode

I have made it easy for you. I have painted my favourite scenario in my friends’ minds so all you need to do if you get stuck is approach one of my friends and they will put you through. Do not worry about me, I will definitely act surprised, after all, I will not know the exact day you choose. I won’t even accuse you of not being original. It is my idea and I will gladly give it up for you. After all, when we are married, what is mine is yours and vice-versa, so I better start practising that, right?

I am not asking for too much, am I? I mean, it is okay if you do not take me to Dubai to propose or propose with the latest car. Of course I wouldn’t mind those scenarios one bit. I am just trying to assure you that the scenario I gave my friends isn’t that extravagant.

Maybe I am a dreamer because I do dream of a love that is so beautiful, you wouldn’t mind proclaiming it to the world, or does that happen in the movies only? Do not get scared, you are not proposing to me in front of the whole world, it will be very cosy. I better not say any more before I give it all away. I’m supposed to be surprised about it, remember?

I have absolute faith in you, my darling. Oh, and feel free to sweep me off my feet with a better scenario than the one I have imagined. Even if it isn’t a better one, it will be yours and knowing you thought of it and planned it especially for me is the most important thing.

One more thing, can we do away with the culture of proposing on birthdays, valentine days and other special days? It is a marvellous idea but it won’t leave room for me to create another special day, proposal anniversary. I do not want to merge two celebrations together; I want each to be distinct.

I simply cannot wait!

With love,

Your expectant future wife.


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