My sincere apologies for my long absence, it was due to circumstances beyond my control. I’m back now and I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you.

First, check out the new episode of Sights that I just published and feel free to go through the posts again to refresh your memory.

Second, you can contact me via our new email address, especially for ladies who would love to share their letters to their future hubby. Guys, don’t feel left out, you can also share a letter to your future wifey and I will post it. You can also discuss advertising via my blog through this medium.

Let’s establish some patterns, shall we? There will be specific days for posting of each series. New episodes of Sights will be posted every Tuesday, new episodes of Rollercoaster on Thursdays and new episodes of Dear Future Hubby every Saturday.

However, you should check the blog daily as I will be posting on unlisted days; short stories, thrillers, adverts, articles, and other forms of creative writing.

Expect a fresh episode of Sights tomorrow. Don’t forget to note these days so you don’t miss any episode. Thank you for your support. Muah!


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