Dear Future Hubby- Letter 2

x354-q80My dear future hubby,

Recently, I had a discussion with some people who believe that the drama of a proposal is overrated. Why go through all that stress to propose to a girl when the proposal didn’t mean the marriage was definite? After all, couples break off engagement. According to them, the most important thing is for your girl to know you are serious about marriage and then you can concentrate on planning the wedding which is more important than a proposal.

Darling, I hope you do not subscribe to this school of thought. If you do, you may need to unsubscribe. Of course, a dramatic marriage proposal is not a do-or-die affair, but it is evidence of your undying love for me. You see, honey, a man that is willing to risk being termed ‘stupid’ to satisfy the whims of the one he loves is a goner, like we say. A man that is originally an introvert but is willing to put up with drama for a day to please the one he loves has gone deep.

Do not get me wrong. If you propose to me without the fanfare, of course, I would accept. I would not even blame you for not thinking to make the proposal more interesting. But, my darling, if you go to the lengths to give me a beautiful proposal that leaves stars in my eyes for months to come, then I have been gifted with a precious memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. You do understand that, don’t you?

I have been imagining my proposal since I first understood what it was all about and I have admired other people’s proposal too. I dare say I will be quite disappointed if I show up with a ring and I have no marvellous story to accompany it. You do know that the ring is important, right? Like q man once said, it is his symbol of love for the woman to wear, it tells other men that she is his and she is off-limits. Isn’t that romantic? Of course, you know I’m a hopeless romantic which is why I dream of a romantic proposal. A practical person will probably not want the attention but darling, I will love you for it.

to be continued


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