Quick Tips

Okay, here is what to expect on my blog. I have created three series and an episode of each will be uploaded weekly. There will also be short stories, thoughts and so many other interesting aspects so watch out.

Sights is the story of twin sisters who find that their lives are about to take an unexpected turn and they are not sure the changes will suit them. I hope you enjoy reading about Sharon and Sheila as much as I enjoyed creating them. Warning: it is purely fictional.

Rollercoaster is the story of me, yeah, you got that right, yours truly. Of course, it has been spiced because I am very sure my life will seem boring without the fictional spice. I hope you have fun trying to separate fiction from fact.

I have tried to do something different with Dear Future Hubby. This is a letter written to a future husband by a single lady trying to project into the future. Now, there is no particular single woman, I have just used my thoughts to represent every single lady that is looking forward to forever with prince charming. Ladies, please feel free to mail me at elizabethlemboye@gmail.com with your own letter. You have the option of remaining anonymous but of course, I will give you credit for it.

Enjoy reading every piece because I will be thinking of you when I write. I would appreciate feedback so drop your comments so I can know what I am doing right or not.


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