Dear Future Hubby – Letter 1

My dear future hubby,

I must have imagined our first meeting a thousand times now, ever since the first time I understood marriage and romance at the tender age of nine, courtesy of the forbidden romance novels I sneaked to read. I am a very curious person which is why, fast forward over a decade later, I can’t stop imagining. Most times, I am very eager to meet you and at other times, I am quite content to wait as I do not see marriage in the near future for me and I wouldn’t want to have to wait for an interminable long time after our first meeting. I will let my imagination go ahead though, there is no harm in dreaming, is there?

I wonder if our first meeting will be as romantic as it is painted in the movies and novels. Will it be a story that will have people that will listen to it in years to come oohing and aahing at the power of love? I really do hope it will not be ordinary as that will offend my writer’s sensibilities. The curse of a writer is our tendency to look for the world we so easily create in our imagination. I wouldn’t mind all that much if it was ordinary. Okay, to be honest, I will. But I can live with that. The ultimate romance story will be living for the rest of my life as your wife, your only babe.

I hope it won’t be as bland a story as we had always been friends but we didn’t know we were going to end up married; there is nothing better than marrying your friend…bla, bla, bla. I agree that is a very cosy story for some people but that just won’t do for me, darling. Were you absolutely blind to my possibilities as a future wife that you were simply content to commit the ultimate crime against humanity, friend zone? And did I have to be your friend while you dated other babes? That will take the romance out of the story. I wouldn’t mind knowing your exes but when I know I have given you advice concerning them and maybe even, God forbid, helped you to settle issues, making me privy to sordid details, that is stretching it a bit far, don’t you think?

What are the other possibilities for our first meeting then? There is always the we-bumped-into-each-other story but that isn’t a personal favourite of me. So please do not bump into me and spill hot coffee or cold ice cream on me, rupturing my ribs in the process. All in the name of romance. I imagine you will be a muscular fellow and seeing as I am quite slender, bumping into me may leave me bruised.

Meeting in an aisle of a bookstore or superstore isn’t such a bad idea. I think that is significant since we will start forever on an aisle. Please remove the dramatic we looked into each other’s eyes and I knew she was the one. How about some conversation so I can assess your intellectual capabilities and net worth? You are going to be the father of my precious babies after all, so I have to assure them you are up to the task. And if I am committing the rest of my life to you, I do need to know what I am getting into, don’t you think?

Meeting through a mutual friend isn’t such a bad idea either. The friend can give a toast on our wedding day and take all the credit for our meeting, I don’t mind. Now let me share my personal favourite with you. Please do not laugh if it seems outrageous.

I am looking very pretty (note that this is very important as I do not want to look all sweaty and disgruntled on a day that will spark off so many memories) and I am smiling, naturally. I am waiting for a friend at the mall. We had planned to see a movie and do some shopping together. I stroll around while waiting, humming pleasantly to myself. You are in a store getting a gift for your sister when you notice me. You admire me for a long time while you hasten the sales attendant. When you are through with your purchase, I have disappeared. You walk around for a while, trying to find me and you are disappointed that your search is futile. You have given up and are walking back to your car when you hear my pretty laugh. You turn the corner and there I am, receiving a phone call. You observe me while trying not to make it so obvious. I end the call and turn fully. Our gazes clash and no, you don’t take my breath away. If you take my breath away and I die from lack of oxygen, then happily ever after would have ended too quickly.

You walk up to me and we have a pleasant first conversation, the details of which I won’t be able to remember later because I am too busy checking you out. You offer to keep me company while I wait for my friend since you are free at the moment. We end up at a café where you get me laughing and warming up to you in no time. Honey, you had better start working on your sense of humour and charm, it will be needed for a fabulous first meeting.

My friend arrives and her apology isn’t necessary. Some things are required for destiny to be set in motion and I will forever be thankful that she came late. Of course, we exchange contact details and there begins our love story. I have tears in my eyes just picturing it.

With love,

Your expectant future wife.


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