Hello world!

Welcome one, welcome all! so, i finally took the bold step and started my blog. I will be the first person to admit that it is a few years late but hey, better late than never, right?

I hope it is okay to start by acknowledging the person that gifted me with this ability, there would be no need to start a blog otherwise so here is saying Thank You God.

I would like to appreciate everyone that believed that my writing was good enough to share with the world even when I had doubts. y’all know yourself, plenty kisses. And to those who took actual steps to make this blog a reality, I cannot thank you enough. A big thank you to my editor who is sacrificing his time to make sure my content is in top form. Thank you to everyone that will visit, share and comment on my blog, you will make me very happy indeed.

I am really excited and I cannot wait to share with everyone. I hope that someone can find themselves or a dear one in the characters they meet. And I hope you smile at some point.

My next post will update us on what to expect on my blog. I have bored you enough for now. Holla!


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