Hello Y’allI

Happy New Year folks. Yes, I know I left you hanging concerning your favourite characters. I’m sorry about that. It’s due to circumstances beyond my control. My laptop has been MIA for a while now. Check out ‘Home’, my first piece of the year. However, i will be publishing some of my old pieces that i stumbled on pending when my laptop can be active again. I have missed you all. Thanks for your love and unwavering support. Advertisements Continue reading Hello Y’allI


  Home She sat in the dark, alone. The dark had been her constant companion for as long as she could remember. She sought much-needed solace in it now. The dark also provided a cover, nobody could see her and most importantly, she couldn’t see herself. She didn’t like what she saw so she had stopped looking. Her phone rang, shattering the silence. She ignored it. It would be her best friend wanting to know about her plans for tomorrow. Hysterical laughter welled up inside her but she controlled the urge. There was no way for her friend to know … Continue reading Home

Rollercoaster – Episode 4

Virgin Vibes ‘You are a virgin?’ Three pairs of eyes fastened on me with horror evident in their gazes. I cannot explain how a conversation that had been going so well suddenly turned around or maybe I can. Tito had seen me with yet another romance novel and we had debated for a while on favourite authors. It turned out I knew more authors than she did and she admitted that I was the novel expert. ‘I’m sure with the number of novels Yetty reads; she will be sooo bad in bed’. That was Gold, who hadn’t raped me, yet. … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 4

Sights – Episode 4

4- Loss There was so much blood. That was the first thing my fuzzy brain registered even as I struggled to be fully conscious. I couldn’t see the blood but I could sense it strongly and the smell permeated the air. Why was I in a place where there was so much blood? Who am I? Why was I finding it difficult to wake up and why did I feel as though my body was pinned to the ground? I tried to move my hand and the pain hit me in dizzying waves. I cried out in anguish as that … Continue reading Sights – Episode 4

Young & Cerebral Cooking Contest

Young & Cerebral Cooking Contest Less than 23% of Nigerians are self employed. Research has shown that a lot of people desire to own their own business but don’t have the means to do so. So, Young and Cerebral, a Movement for Expressing & Encouraging Passion especially in youths is about to make someone’s wish come true! At Young & Cerebral, we believe that everyone is talented and everyone has a special gift so if cooking is your talent, this is for you. Cook and win an opportunity to become not only self-employed but an employer of labor. Starting from … Continue reading Young & Cerebral Cooking Contest

Rollercoaster – Episode 3 Cont’d

…continued from the previous episode My second night in school, I indulged in aimless walking which would soon become a favourite habit. With Miriam in tow, we set out around seven pm and toured every delicious inch of our new environment. The grounds of Unilag are magnificent at night, light contrasts with darkness and the dark areas were famous for the acts they covered up seamlessly. I think the added thrill of knowing there was a lighted area close by added to the fun of the act in the dark areas. You know that saying that the sense of imminent … Continue reading Rollercoaster – Episode 3 Cont’d

Sights – Episode 3 Cont’d

  …continued from the previous episode I wasn’t interested in stealing Sharon’s spotlight or avenging all the years she had pretended as if I didn’t exist but I wasn’t going to let her take away the one thing that truly mattered to me or diminish its importance. I had even tried to please her when she almost convinced me that we would be a burden to Chioma. I had gone along with the custody plan but that had failed and I would never forget the hurt in Chioma’s eyes when I told her I supported Sharon. We had a long … Continue reading Sights – Episode 3 Cont’d